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Pete Manley Remodeling LLC looks forward to the opportunity to create decks, additions, kitchens, and baths that will add to the utility and value of your home.  We can design and build basement remodels, sunrooms, and porches, and are prepared to help with all levels of home repair. We are always happy to use green building methods and products.

(608) 206-7205

Show me your ideas

Do you have a picture of a porch you have always admired?  Is there a magazine or a website with a kitchen that has two or three features that look just right, even though the rest of the space is not what you have in mind?

Do not hesitate; I know how to listen, and I know how to find the key elements that will suit your tastes and your budget.

Let’s talk about your home

The first meeting can be intimidating, especially if you have never overseen a building or remodeling project.

Many homeowners have no way to predict costs or schedules. 

How are you supposed to know how the construction will progress?

This should be a meeting to enjoy

We’re going to be talking about your home, and the ways that you want to use the space that you live in every day.  How have your needs and tastes changed?  What have you found, in a photograph, or at a friend’s home, or just in your imagination, that seems to fit your life?

I promise that I will not forget your interests, including your budget.  Home construction and remodeling are expensive; they involve pricey materials and highly skilled labor.  Careful listening, to make sure I know just what is important to you, and a wide knowledge of alternative materials will ensure that YOUR priorities are always addressed.

After our meeting, you will know what to expect.

Call Pete for a meeting.  Let’s see if that idea you’ve had can become a reality.