Who is This Crew?

Pete Manley has acted as General Contractor for additions, kitchens, basement remodels, two homes, decks, and every other residential need that people in Southern Wisconsin can think of.  He has also handled commercial construction, historic restoration of a Main Street (Stoughton), exterior, and interior revision of a dental office and a lawyer's  conversion of home to office.

He spent nine years in contractor sales of lumber and building materials, which proved to be a terrific education in product and brand name knowledge. Today, Pete works with several valued subcontractors and employees: 
  • Good friend Peter Wright helps out with many chores and logistics.  Peter has extensive technical background, and a good eye for detail.

  • Ted Anderson has begun working with Pete this year, and we're hoping this relationship lasts.  A skilled young carpenter, Ted passed his union journeyman's test when he was nineteen years old, and now, with a growing family, continues to grow as a tradesman. 

Pete and his wife Sandra live in a 115-year-old home in Stoughton; the kids have all left. 

Pete Manley came to Wisconsin in 1991.

My brother Paul built houses in California for thirty years.  I tell him that construction in Wisconsin is much more fun.

What does it mean to be "Licensed"?
In Wisconsin, we do not have a license for residential contractors.  We do, however, have some certifications which are required when obtaining building permits, or offering certain services for pay:
  • Dwelling Contractor Certification is issued by the Department of Commerce, and confirms that the holder has an appropriate level of contractor's insurance.

  • The Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, also issued by the Department of Commerce, requires a written test and documented ongoing training, involving jobsite safety, structural and product knowledge, and legal responsibilities for residential contractors.

  • In 2010, a new law went into effect nationwide, requiring training in handling the important issues of lead paint contamination in structures built before 1978.  In Wisconsin, this program is administered by the State Department of Health Services.  Both the company and the individual remodel contractor must be qualified as a Certified Lead Safe Renovator.

Pete will be happy to show you these documents, and to have his insurer send you a Certificate of Insurance.  We are professional builders, and proud of our training and qualifications.